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Akireru hodo kimi o omou yo
sore dake de boku wa mitasareru

Please have typing and comprehension skills... It's personally frustrating as I've had to learn and enjoyed learning how to write and type English myself, only to find other's who were born speaking the language sometimes butcher it to intelligibility. ._.; If you're not over 18 years old which Livejournal expects you to be, at least act like you are and like you should be using this site. Make your moma proud and live up to your lie. Though personally, I doubt I would be able to relate to someone who would need to lie about thier age, my priorities and daily activities have changed greatly since I was around sixteen after all.

I have nothing but distaste for the self-appointed elite and those who can only connect with some, by being ignorantly negative towards others. Why are the "we hate this and that, so let's hate together 'cause it'll make us feel cool!" communities so popular? It's very sad to me.

And of course, having an open mind and understand that while I think of myself as a nice, silly, emotional person, I'm also a grown woman with strong and honest opinions. Something or other in common with me would be good but I love meeting new and different people too! ^^

Since most of Livejournal's communities and users write solely in English, I try to do the same. Though there is occasional bits of written-out Japanese/Kanji.

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